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The “How I Met Your Mother” star has "no interest in being a representative or an ambassador for anything except my kids."
The messaging, activists say, was that identifying as queer was "a form of sickness."
I don’t know when the gay world got so prudish and judgmental.
"These changes might look small, but let us acknowledge the progress," one activist said.
I support federal legislation to protect LGBT people at work and in public, of course. At the same time, I want time to take a deep breath and savor marriage equality before moving to the next national issue
I discovered trance by accident. I was at a bar with some friends, and "Intense" came on. The violin caught my attention, and it suddenly hit me: This is the structure of a baroque concerto. Bach's music and van Buuren's trance compositions are essentially the same thing.
YouTube sensation Randy Rainbow offers up the history of the word "gay" in just two minutes in this new video. Set to the
We're talking about Silverlake, of course. It provides the backdrop for "Where The Bears Are," a satirical show about gay
I can sympathize with inveterate counterculturists who feel that something has been lost amid gains in LGBT equality. Back when gay life existed in a parallel world divorced from our jobs and birth families, a certain freedom reigned, allowing us to let loose and create and experiment.
"You follow Betty Buckley on Twitter, right?" Actor, writer and HuffPost Gay Voices blogger Jeffrey Self has offered up his