lgbt families

Experts recommend that trans people preserve their fertility first if they know they want to be parents. But there are serious barriers in the way.
This IVFML episode follows one family's IVF journey while they navigate the transition process at the same time.
“It’s not about winning and losing ... It’s about living life together.”
There is for every child, straight or gay, a moment when he or she stops believing that his/her parent is omniscient, and they start to push the boundaries. My son had been playing with that line for awhile. Then one day he called me a faggot.
When Natalie and I met, we knew children were in the plan for us.
When I publicly announced transition I had a couple of friends tell me that it would be near impossible to find love as a trans person. It was like they were warning me or trying to prepare me for a life of loneliness. This experience is a testament to the fact that love can win.