LGBT History

In "What Happened After Stonewall," the “Amazing Race” star and activist looks back on the "passionate revolutionaries" who fought for equality.
A new documentary tells the story of Old Hollywood's inescapable closet through the eyes of a man once known as the “Pimp to the Stars.”
“We’ve been around for a long time, and there aren’t any contradictions to being both queer and Asian.”
LGBTQ history is, in many ways, New York City history.
This week I talked with Dr. Gayle E. Pitman about her new children’s book entitled When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis
I had the privilege of speaking with experts, activists, and advocates about the various mental health needs we have in the
The 1973 Upstairs Lounge fire, which took 32 lives, was the deadliest attack on LGBTQ individuals in the U.S. before the Pulse nightclub shooting took that unfortunate spot.
"This time of the year evokes the ghosts of many a lost talent who seem to rise up from forgotten bars, crumbling piers and unrecognizable landscapes, envisioning glass houses of the future with nothing to hide."
Personal Reflections on AIDS Journalism, Denialism and Selectivity by Lawrence D. Mass, M.D. In a book largely concerned
Considering the intense devotion that many fans have for The Sound of Music worldwide, any new vision of the enduring musical
The 1990s were an odd little crossroads for gay entertainment. The dominant mainstream narrative — when it paid any attention
If you ask most Americans, they would agree that we, as a society, are always becoming more progressive -- especially when
In this current era as the political and theocratic Right attempts to reverse progressive human and civil rights initiatives won over the past decades and to prevent such measures from taking root where they have not grown previously, I am extremely encouraged by the leaders from the highest levels and from the grassroots showing courage in the face of resistance and backlash.