lgbt housing discrimination

Trans people in general experience higher rates of HIV, higher smoking rates and more suicide attempts than the general population
As two recent reports demonstrate, for many LGBT people -- specifically LGBT people of color and elders -- the quest for home routinely comes up against a housing supply that's dilapidated, stretched thin, too expensive and far removed from the cities and neighborhoods we deserve to inhabit.
Since LGBT discrimination in North Dakota is not tracked, it is largely measured in anecdotal evidence. Oversen said she
Last week, HUD released its first-ever study of housing discrimination against same-sex couples. News outlets picked up the study, reporting preferential treatment for heterosexual couples over same-sex coupes, but they deeply mischaracterized they study's findings.
Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) recently became the 52nd Senate co-sponsor of the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act
A recent HUD study shows that same-sex couples experience significantly higher levels of housing discrimination than heterosexual couples. My wife and I found this to be true in New York and Massachusetts -- both states where LGBTQ individuals are considered a protected class.
Same-sex couples face significant levels of discrimination in the rental housing market, according to a landmark government study released on Tuesday. Zach Carter joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the findings on Friday during an event at the agency for HUD GLOBE, the association
Some LGBT individuals and families hide their identities in order to secure the apartment or house they want. That is not a price that anyone should pay in the United States of America.