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"I’m done with boxes and I don’t want to have a title.”
I feel by coming together; that we served the healing of the world. When I moved to London, my friend came to live with me
Gellis noted that LGBT acceptance in many Jewish communities has grown considerably over the years, especially with the emergence
Lawson will be a free-spirited rabbi who takes the Jewish imperative for tikkun olam (“healing the world,” in Hebrew) seriously
Eger said she has been a member of CCAR's board of trustees for four years and is the founding rabbi of the LGBT-friendly
At a recent protest rally on the streets of Boston, just one of many that I've seen personally, watched on TV and read about, members of our community went at each other's throats, demonstrating not only how we're not monolithic when it comes to passion and politics but how LGBTQs are inextricably tied to world events.
“We look at Judaism through the lens of a queer,” Friedlander said, “and at being queer through a Jewish lens.” “It’s a chance
Perhaps my refusal to truly be myself in Crown Heights, to be open about who I am, a Jewish queer woman, is not entirely oppressive. Lost in my own preconceptions about the community that I love with verocity, despite everything, I forgot that people here, as everywhere, are complex.
After a few Jewish LGBT advocates told me that transgender inclusion was the "new frontier," I began to look more closely at how Jewish settings are welcoming trans Jews, and at how trans Jews are creating communities of their own.
The Jewish community has been involved in every major civil rights fight in American history. We know that those who marginalize and diminish any minority group should put us all on alert. The struggle for LGBT equality is no different.
For the first time since the parade was established in 1964, a queer Jewish group was allowed to march explicitly represent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews. This is a historic milestone in the effort for full LGBT inclusion in Jewish life.
I wear my yarmulka because I am proud: I am Jewish and gay. I am equally proud of both identities and would not want see anyone discriminated against because of either.
Chaim Levin chronicled the intense psychic duress that struggling to maintain a gay and Orthodox Jewish identity created for him. Subsequently, he was criticized in an op-ed in the Jewish Press.
This year's Purim marks three years since I started my incredible journey of coming out. Until three years ago I struggled in isolation with my identity as a gay man and an Orthodox Jew.
At the same time, this memoir is also a tale of actualization. Ladin shares details of feminizing her appearance -- shaving
Now is not the time for us to shy away from challenging ourselves to make substantive change for the better. We have the opportunity to raise the bar in the faith-based world by forging a culture in which inclusivity, diversity and equality are paramount.
Many LGBT Jews may not have the luxury of a synagogue that welcomes them. However, an ambitious project aims to train congregations cross across denominations to become safe and welcoming spaces for all Jews.