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Kansas parents ask why this didn't happen to those who divorced and remarried or otherwise fall short of Catholic doctrine.
My mom sat me down and said that if anyone asked about them, I should say that they were cousins.
That her birthday will always be one day after the observance of Pulse is what reminds me that in a world of evil, hope is born again.
Our son is transgender. We welcomed him into the world 26 years ago as a daughter, but he is now our son. What does that
The Vice Principal at our son's school called to tell us Riley had gotten in trouble for pulling on a female classmate's pants. He hadn't pulled them down, mind you, but her parents were very upset when she told them the story, and they brought it directly to the principal the next day.
  Below is my article published in The News and Observer, Raleigh NC BY SHERRY KEEN I’m from North Carolina, born and raised
My five-year-old daughter loves to tell people this. Whether we're at the local pride festival or standing in line at the community pool. We have matching rainbow dresses, after all. Still, it took me a while to get used to -- and I'm not the only one.
My father told me he was gay when I was 13. He said he had known ever since he was a little boy. Growing up Catholic in North Carolina during the 1960s did not present the most welcoming of circumstances for a gay man. For a lot of people, it is difficult to understand.
“Consensus is overwhelming in terms of there being no difference in children who are raised by same-sex or different- sex
You are on deck, and it's me again. I'm writing both to thank you for taking up a case that might finally grant security to millions of families like mine and to beg you to think about the chaos you are rendering if you fail to do so. Here you are up to bat again. Please make this one count.
I have worked for years educating the gay and straight community alike that my family structure is just as good for raising children as any other, so I feel the need to respond to Heather Barwick, a daughter of gay moms, who believes her family structure (my family structure) was detrimental to her upbringing.
“You walk into a public place and whenever you see someone laughing, you become convinced they're laughing at you. You feel
Youth homelessness is bad enough on its own but being queer further compounds the difficulties. Devastating statistics like
In my vision, there were tea parties and tutus. There were hours spent quietly reading on the couch together. There were braids and pigtails. There was shopping and giggling. There was peace and love and joy and... and... peace. Then, I had boys.
Bianca is a writer for The Next Family in the Teens with LGBT parents section and work with COLAGE LA. COLAGE unites people
Sainz said the women, who had been married in California and were seeking recognition of their union in Virginia, added another
Hilarious Parenting Tips from Celeb Dads 7. What others think is not about you, it's about them. Not to be crass, but anyone
Children raised by same-sex couples have better health and well-being in comparison to their peers, according to a groundbreaking new study which is being billed as the largest of its kind.