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We are still far away from full LGBT equality and acceptance which is why Laurie and I keep advocating.
Now that marriage equality is the law of the land and LGBT couples can get married in every state--and have their marriage recognized in every state--let's talk about the radical new possibilities for living, learning, and loving together.
#weekinLGBT with @robsmithonline is a weekly webseries covering the news of the week from an LGBT perspective. Up this week, we tackle the Democrats' Midterm Election woes as well as an exciting new breakthrough in the fight against HIV.
"State Sen. Reagan voted for that hateful legislation and stood with those who would make us second-class citizens, even
Winning in the legislative district, which encompasses parts of Democratic-leaning Reno, could prove to be a challenge. However
But athletes like Sam, Griner, Collins and Gordon are changing this. By boldly coming out in such public ways, they have become -- for many people -- the faces of the LGBT moment, and they are challenging assumptions about what the LGBT community looks like.
Throughout her career, Candis Cayne has admittedly embraced her role as an unofficial spokeswoman for all things trans. When it comes to the community's recent outcry against terminology deemed "transphobic" on RuPaul's Drag Race, though, Cayne takes an opposing stance.
Herbert elaborated upon his own views about same-sex marriage when asked whether he thinks the march towards marriage equality
To the surprise of white LGBTQ organizations, both the LGBTQ African-American community and the straight African-American community had much to say about the white queer political machine's appropriation of the language of the black civil rights movement, done without participation by people of color.
For years southern states have been treated as the step-children of the LGBT movement. Few national organizations invested any real money, compared to other parts of the country where wins were more predictable. Even gay folks said "we won't get equality til the whole country has equality."
“I am humbled and excited to take the reins as we continue to give lesbians a seat at the political table, and as we work
On the same day, Udall hit the sole Republican working to unseat him, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), over the representative's
Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about what this law would mean for LGBT people in Peru below. The bill was scheduled
I want sexual and gender minorities to go home. I want you to see the world from a small town, as I have. If only for one summer, I want you to feel safe and alive in the forest and the field. I want those places to do for you what they have done for me.
Dirty tricks and lies are, unfortunately, too often part of the political game. But the real "kick in the gut" -- especially to a qualified, openly LGBT candidate -- is that this particular one comes from a professed progressive.
Snyder made the comments at a Bloomberg View forum in New York. “If a federal judge changes the law … then I’m going to follow