Jay Michaelson, a gay Buddhist writer and activist, believes American Buddhists came out at the top of the list because of
In addition to five to eight mini “urban retreats” each year, Reciprocity offers three to four weekend retreats at a lodge
“Kidnapped for Christ” displays two polar opposite portrayals of Christianity. There's the staff at Escuela Caribe who spew
Thee purpose of all religion is to free you, and to bring order out of chaos. When a religion ceases to free you, you need freedom from religion.
In every age group, as well, the percent of moderately religious individuals is roughly the same for LGBT and non-LGBT, and
Ms. Owens was quite offended by Sunday's Grammy Awards and called it "a forthright assault on conservatives" which furthered "homosexual advancement" in American culture.
Published in The Whitstable Times, the letter itself reportedly quotes the Bible and implies that LGBT people have "brought
Schaefer officiated the ceremony in Massachusetts, which had previously legalized same-sex marriage in 2004. Regardless, members
Cooper's mother, Linda, reportedly stood by her daughter throughout the whole process and embraced Cooper after the city
Hendricks' "South of the Ohio" project will take him across 3,000 miles over 42 days. To learn more about it click here and
"The room went silent. There was a lot of support, but a lot of push back," said Weekley, 62, who had been ordained long
I cannot walk through most of our churches without having to duck at the stones that are thrown in the form of whispers, verses and stares. If looks could kill, I'd be dead.
I came to realize that being gay is not a reason to feel guilt or shame. I was created in God's image just as much as any straight person. Finally, I had peace. The guilt and shame left me. My love for music did not.
Elected officials participating in the parade included Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon
I tried to hang on to church. I went to some progressive churches but no longer felt home in those bittersweet sanctuaries. I had this intense feeling of physical discomfort, as if everyone were watching me, as if everyone knew.
In June of 2003, when it was announced that he he had been elected as New Hampshire's bishop from among four candidates, Robinson