LGBT Students

While the statistics of LGBT youth are staggering -- even heartwrenching -- educators and students now have a national document by which we can begin to hold administrators and officials accountable.
"My hope is legislators will realize they've made a terrible mistake," John King Jr. told a crowd.
"My hope is that many people in many different places are encouraged to be bold."
Shane Windmeyer talks about America’s most LGBT-friendly colleges.
This year, the list has been updated to reflect an emphasis on transgender and gender non-conforming students.
"Everyone must be on the same page for your child to feel safe and comfortable to tackle a new school year."
The ACLU said last year that the school’s decision to block the group’s formation is “a violation of the students’ rights
"I think being an ally can't be timely for you. You can't just retreat back into privilege," one student explained. As part
Rowling, 49, has been releasing daily snippets of a Harry Potter "ghost plot" on her website, Pottermore. She also added
Byard said the new report provides greater detail than earlier surveys on how schools discriminate against LGBT students
"Ms. Frost's performance as an English teacher at Sultana was exemplary. Nevertheless, she was discriminated against, harassed
Beginning this past weekend, 30 students from 14 states and 22 institutions attended HRC's HBCU LGBT Leadership and Career Summit. The annual summit is part of a yearlong effort that fosters an effective group of LGBT student leaders at HBCUs.
LGBTQ youth experience relentless physical and verbal harassment, and now, with online bullying, there is no escape. It is 24/7. If LGBTQ youth aren't safe at home, and they aren't safe in their place of worship, shouldn't they be safe at school?
"One thing about funding, specifically FAFSA, is that transgender students may not be able to change their name due to parents