lgbt tolerance

UPDATE: May 20, 2015 -- Earlier this week, Columbia University professor Donald Green requested the retraction of an article
WATCH: In this interview, Christian and America share with me their revelation about being heterosexual people who are "gay
According to what I know is right from a lifetime of careful examination, tolerance is crucial to the ongoing, deep and harmonious fellowship and communion of humanity; intolerance only pushes us over lines and out doors.
Since I began my transition, I have tried to figure out why everyone's so angry at me. And the anger I've been trying to find, the rage I've been trying to identify, culminated on that Wednesday morning when I woke up inexplicably at 7 a.m.
Abdelwahid Benbouziyane and Kamal Fizazi joins HuffPost Live to discuss masculinity and homosexuality in the Arab world.
Researchers found that a staggering 88 percent of participants in Spain felt that homosexuality should be accepted, followed
It's no longer sufficient for our straight friends to say, "I have no problem with you being gay," or, "I have gay friends." What we really need is for LGBT people and our allies to stand together and say that enough is enough when it comes to homophobia.
With politicians there is a lot talk of "acceptance" and "tolerance" when it comes to homosexuality. I accept the fact that I have to pay taxes. I tolerate the fact that I have to go to the dentist. Why should either of those words apply to how a parent feels about their child?
I have a bigger moustache than your father, higher heels than your mother and I'll steal your girlfriend if you call me "faggot" one more time. Lock up your daughters, shoes and handbags, because Conquistador is coming to town.
Over the holiday break I spent time with friends, family and other loved ones who have supported and loved me without reservation over the years. However, three separate encounters led me to question what I had come to know about support as opposed to true understanding.
Pizza truck customers came to the defense of a same sex couple after a man told them to cut out the "gay s**t" while waiting in line for food. Joel Diaz and Ethan White join Mike to tell their story.
Ethan and I were holding hands and we were laughing about all the fun we'd had that night, when all of the sudden the guy in front of us turns around and tells us to cut our "gay shit" out. I was a bit startled by his words but I didn't expect what happened next.
Vocabulary alone can't fix our problems. But being mindful of what words do is a great start to making the world the kind of place that will embrace these kids so that they can embrace the world right back.
When trying to understand why kids bully and which kids tend to be targets, it is important to step outside the image of the traditional bully/victim binary.
In its opinion, the court said a "school that permits advocacy of the rights of homosexual students cannot be allowed to