Yesterday, yet another study saying that things are not great for the portrayal and inclusion of LGBT characters on TV was
The ABC Family series "The Fosters" has been applauded for highlighting important social issues and breaking down barriers
Dyke Central, Eden's Garden, and Brothers are three new web series that are providing viewers a more diverse glimpse into the lives of LGBTQ individuals. I sat down with the creators of all three to learn more about the inspiration behind and future of these promising series.
The progress made by the mainstream queer movement over the last ten years is nothing short of breathtaking. From the spread
Congrats, Logo! Logo TV announced its new programming slate on Saturday and, coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of
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The show will be co-hosted by gay comedian Stephen Guarino and Mike E. Winfield, who is straight. Together, the pair will
Actress Amber Tamblyn stopped by "Running Later With Scott Rogowsky" last week discuss her experiences playing a lesbian