LGBT TV shows

A longtime writer said the episode is a tribute to his son.
Here's why gaySVTVworld could be Vine's most ambitious project yet.
The series is loosely based on the life of Dan Savage.
When we think of LGBTQ media representation, the examples we think of have one thing in common. Brokeback Mountain and Modern
The "Queer As Folk" of our time is coming back -- and we couldn't be more excited. Many felt that "Looking" was boring in
It’s not meant to represent every trans person. It’s meant to represent somebody who’s very, very early in their transition
Hoffmann, in a separate interview, also chimed in about the necessity to start conversations about gender and sexuality. “I
More representations of LGBT characters should become a mainstay in our culture. Exposure being a large motivator for social change, but we must be more critical of the type of exposure.
Hear more from Haigh and Lannan in the clip above and to see the full interview, which also tackles sex on the screen and
"We didn't want to be too on-the-nose about it, so I think for some people it will fly overhead, but I tried to write the