lgbt violence

Latinos/Immigrants/Queers proclaiming pride in who they are, in who God made them to be -- dancing with their hands raised as bullets sprayed, and the pulse faded and was gone. Devastation. Desolation. Grief. At least 50 heartbeats that will never revive. Their beautiful lives now merely ammunition, wood to fuel a destructive fire of recriminations, division and hatred that will consume our nation. We have a love crisis in our country. Our heart isn't beating right. Our arteries are clogged with clots of distrust and hate. The devil smiles as tears scald, burn, and slice. Queer lives are vanquished and points are scored. We have a love crisis in this country. Love is a scarce commodity.
I awoke this morning to news of the shooting in Orlando. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. My brother is not safe. My son is not safe. Even if they find their people. Because monsters can find them there, too.
There have been scores of attacks on LGBT spaces, some of which received more attention than others.
No matter the underlying reason, the deaths send waves of fear and vulnerability through the transgender community. As Bamby
According to Queerty, two men and six women allegedly assaulted the men, ages 27 and 28, after asking the pair first if they
As the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia approaches on May 17, it has been reported that in the first four months of 2014, 102 acts of violence against transgender people have been logged.
"Valentine Road" is set to premiere this Monday, Oct. 7, on HBO and aims to raise awareness surrounding the need to prioritize
He flipped on me like the second or third week. Basically he brought to my attention that his mom had told him to bring a
The theory sharply contrasts the widely-known media narrative of Shepard's death, which has inspired movies, books, plays
In the latest instance of Jamaica's dangerously pervasive homophobic climate, a 41-year-old allegedly gay man was reportedly
The reality of this comparison evidences a much larger problem in terms of cultural intolerance and violence against transgender
It is inconceivable to me that we as a church are unwilling to connect the dots between the church's teaching on homosexuality and the way it's being implemented by members of the hierarchy and the harm it is causing to our LGBT youth.
At a panel discussion titled "Beyond DOMA: What's Next for LGBT Equality," speakers such as former Rep. Jim Kolbe (D-Ariz
If Mark Carson was not safe on the streets of Greenwich Village in New York City, then none of us is safe. New York is a city that worships diversity, the "non-normal" and the different.
We sometimes forget that getting laws passed and getting court rulings declared is, comparatively, the easy part. The hate is still out there, however, and the haters are getting more desperate. Our worst enemies right now are complacency and the seductive message that we've "arrived."
"That's a separate issue," she said. "It should be debated separately for them to change federal laws relating to same-sex
In partnership with GLSEN, we are launching a new national Award for Youth Activism to honor the courageous young people who are doing groundbreaking and inspiring work in improving the safety and overall well-being of LGBT youth.
The recent crime wave in Boystown is not easily categorized. Some are economic crimes. Some are hate crimes. And some seem caused by a class and race warfare. What is not new is our community responding to violence.