A chat about a part of the community that often isn't discussed.
A new app is hitting the market that enables individuals all across the gender spectrum to track their menstruation cycle
In a technology-driven world where the majority of LGBT apps seem to be marketed towards men, this location-based social
From Liz Carmouche to Laverne Cox to Cynthia Nixton to Wanda Sykes, there are countless visible queer women who are painting the world with their bravery, boldness and tenacity. These are some of the ones who have been the most inspiring for me.
No matter how easy some people make it look, this path is a not an escalator: it is a steep and circuitous staircase.You will pause, breathless, along the way. And get tired but keep climbing.
The Aqua Foundation for Women's annual grant program awards organizations in a variety of areas including wellness, youth empowerment, therapeutic counseling, cultural enrichment, equality and more.