Li Keqiang

There is no clear successor among the party's top officials.
“We will never tolerate any activity ... which attempts to separate Taiwan from the motherland.”
As a result, nominees for the next Premier are being mentioned naturally. At present, Vice-Premier Wang Yang seems to be
Recently, a rough lineup of the members has been revealed. According to Beijing's informed political circles on Wednesday
Of course, some remain optimistic. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is one of them. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) held on Tuesday
Sinking into the plush chairs in the cavernous Fujian Room of China's Great Hall of the People, I soak in my surroundings as President Xi Jinping's interpreter artfully translates Xi's Chinese aphorisms into poetic English.
Paul Krugman says all economic data is best viewed as a peculiarly boring genre of science fiction, but Chinese data is even more fictional than most. If we use the new Li Keqiang index, the overall picture is less gloomy but nevertheless very challenging for Beijing to handle. China watchers need to observe the new index more carefully rather than obsessing over monthly manufacturing figures.
Can "mass innovation" help China vault over the middle income trap?
In this week's podcast, Eric & Cobus take a look back at Obama's Africa trip and analyze the increasingly divergent paths the U.S. and China are taking to engage Africa.
The Great China Stock Crash of 2015 may be recalled as the negative inflection point at which the faith of Chinese in their central government faded.