lia thomas

Murders and other physical attacks are not the only threats to this growing population. The movement to ban, block and erase trans people is gaining traction across the U.S.
The recent college graduate and first known transgender athlete to win an NCAA swimming championship said she intends to keep swimming.
The House was also scheduled to vote later on a bill banning transgender athletes from playing on girls sports teams.
Florida's GOP governor faced criticism for saying the NCAA was "making a mockery of its championships" by allowing Lia Thomas to compete in the women's event.
“I didn’t have a whole lot of expectation for this meet,” said Thomas, a former male swimmer for Penn State. “I was just happy to be here and race and compete the best I could.”
The organization is aligning its rules with Olympic standards, effective immediately.
“Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding," she said.