Liam neeson

The two stars dated for years in the early '80s and have remained friends ever since.
The scene takes place at a bar that caters to "canceled" celebrities.
A Liam Neeson action movie from 2011 is the most popular film on Netflix.
"I missed the point and hurt many people at a time when language is so often weaponized and an entire community of innocent people are targeted,” he said.
"Racists don’t make out with the race that they hate, especially in the way he does with his tongue," Rodriguez claimed.
Organizers of the New York premiere of “Cold Pursuit” informed reporters of the cancellation Tuesday afternoon.
The “Cold Pursuit" actor said race didn't fuel his past penchant for violence, which he said he sought help for.
"Is Liam Neeson running for governor of Virginia?" David Alan Grier asked on Twitter.
The "Cold Pursuit" actor recounted a time when his anger, fueled by racism, nearly boiled over.
Steve McQueen's new heist thriller starring Viola Davis is an electrifying and poignant crowd-pleaser that not enough people are seeing.