liberal arts education

Almost half the country voted for a candidate who did his best in every public venue to squash or make fun of critical thinking
Sociologists of trust offer a slightly more sanguine view. As sociologist Pamela Paxton of the University of Texas has shown
I recently wrote about what the death of the last thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) 80 years ago can teach us about the power the
Schools have emerged in part to pass on major literacies: reading, writing, mathematics, and, many would now add, coding
Their experiences obtaining a liberal education have led them down this pathway. How very different, and how far more mature
Danville's recent ranking in Southern Living magazine as No. 6 on a list of "21 Best Southern College Towns" may have caught some by surprise. For me, it's a well-deserved honor that's been a long time coming.
By getting involved and making all sorts of friends, you will give yourself the opportunity to develop who you are. Use your
Higher education clearly contributes to building an engaged citizenry, and I would argue that a liberal arts education at
Higher education for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated is an extension of King's spiritual explosion of a material atom. Higher education in prison can be for many who are incarcerated a path to wholeness and productivity in various areas of life.
Are we headed down the wrong path to look at a college degree only in terms of dollars and cents? Should learning be reduced to a focus on its monetary value?
Liberal arts also adds to the economy. Many studies demonstrate clearly that those students with a degree (liberal arts or
Centre College is committed to educating global citizens who are prepared to contribute meaningfully in a diverse marketplace of ideas where innovation and creativity are influenced by a broad array of perspectives.
While many students are off-campus for summer internships, others are on campus for local internships, collaborative research projects, service programs or employment.
It is also critical to the economic well-being of our citizens. It creates the fuel for our collective ability to lift others
Defending arts and humanities is a hot topic among college presidents. Those of us who lead small liberal arts colleges pay homage, as we should, to the life and career advantages of a broad education in which Shakespeare resides compatibly with Steve Jobs.
"The Fault in Our Stars" author got real with the class of 2016 -- but said their liberal arts education will make the dull parts of life much more interesting.
With HB 2, Pat McCrory fleeces every worker of employment protections including the right to sue in state court for discrimination based on "race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap."