liberal arts education

Study abroad is now firmly entrenched as a signature element of the Centre brand, and the College rightly deserves its place
First and foremost, those of us lucky enough to have tenure need to remember this foundation of academic freedom and use
Small colleges like Ursinus should function as trust labs, much like Paxton's neighborhood taverns, in that they promote
I recently wrote about what the death of the last thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) 80 years ago can teach us about the power the
How we behave and engage in our world - our character qualities - are considered by many to be strong predictors of students
Each year the Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts runs an essay contest asking students to reflect on the importance
Danville's recent ranking in Southern Living magazine as No. 6 on a list of "21 Best Southern College Towns" may have caught some by surprise. For me, it's a well-deserved honor that's been a long time coming.
The sociologist Erving Goffman put it differently when he wrote that the fear of embarrassment is a major driver of human
A liberal arts education requires all students: To learn to read a text closely and question an argument, a skill that is
Higher education for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated is an extension of King's spiritual explosion of a material atom. Higher education in prison can be for many who are incarcerated a path to wholeness and productivity in various areas of life.