Liberal education

Faculty and administrators know that, in principle, if you are never asked to examine, let alone defend, your beliefs, your
This is a fragile time for liberal education, making commitment to it all the more urgent. American universities are facing
I hasten to point out that Benjamin was not alone in being the last of his kind to have been lost, lost not in obscurity
Their experiences obtaining a liberal education have led them down this pathway. How very different, and how far more mature
Are college professors too liberal? Do we need more conservative professors? Has a lack of political diversity turned campuses into centers of liberal indoctrination?
When Alexander Hamilton's generation considered higher education, many believed it was crucial that students not think they already knew at the beginning of their studies where they would end up when it was time for graduation.
In today's climate of renewed economic anxiety, many are prompted to jettison this tradition of pragmatic liberal education. In search of short cuts to vocational success, they undermine students' ability to respond to changes in the economy by preparing them only for what is valued right now.
The newly admitted members of the class of 2020 are now trying to decide which school will provide the best combination of resources and challenges to enable them to thrive for four years in ways that they will build on for the rest of their lives.
Fears of being crushed by debt or of falling off the economic ladder are pressuring students to conform, and we must find ways to counteract these pressures or we risk undermining our scientific productivity as well as our broad cultural creativity.
Today, many religious institutions have still not embraced the very notion of liberal education. There is an ongoing fear that allowing students to think for themselves will lead them towards the "wrong" options. This is a mistake.
I say a good solid and broad education from a good top-tier university is still the best preparation not only for your working
Our students weren't stoic nor are they numb to the frightening problems in the world. But they do still believe it is possible to make a difference, and that belief, along with their solid liberal education, will indeed set them on the course to be transformative leaders of the future.
Every year I speak to the families of new students at Wesleyan University just before they say goodbye and we start our semester. Having just dropped off my daughter (far from home) as she starts her first year in college, this was particularly poignant for me.
The supposed conflict between science and the humanities has been blown out of proportion. Economic growth will come not so much from cheaper computer chips but rather from "constantly reimagining how computers and other new technologies interact with human beings."
I've known for the past year of so that I would have a special opportunity coming up in my life. Namely, time away from work
Zakaria notes that science used to be a bigger part of the liberal arts, and he advocates further integrating science -- especially
The thousands of students traveling with their families across the country this month will go to classes and athletic contests, musical performances and parties. And they will ask themselves: Can I see myself as part of this community? Would I be happy here?
Let us remember the journalists, police and other brave souls who were killed by those who could not abide difference and challenge without resorting to murder. Let us cultivate the spirit of satire and of critique, but also of reverence and of affection, in ways that challenge the conventions of the moment.
Education can be your cause when you believe in empowerment through learning. Education can be your cause when you believe that inquiry and communication can lead to positive change in the world. Let's make education, a broad and pragmatic liberal education, our cause in 2015.