liberal media

At some point, news consumers will have to trust individual journalists, more than their publications. For example, I trust
There have always been two narratives about this election. One predicted what actually happened in the end, while the other missed the boat completely.
No doubt Lauer, like many others in the media, feared being labeled "partial towards liberals," despite the absence of evidence that such a liberal media bias exists.
We all suffer from this curse of unequal bias as we witness false equivalency bleeding from national politics back into daily life.
Blame the liberal media. It’s been a regular Republican talking point for over 40 years, ever since Vice President Spiro
Mr. Trump's penchant to be nasty and bullying and combative rather than polite and considerate, even as he gives his views, just rubs many people the wrong way. Nobody is mistreating Mr. Trump.
I first learned about these, er, concerns from a friend who is hooked into this whole scene and complained about the media
Preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb has been a key goal of Ploughshares Fund and many other security experts for decades. To suggest otherwise -- as David Samuels did -- is absurd.
Bernie Sanders has won yet another primary against Hillary Clinton, this time in West Virginia. He's likely to win more, perhaps even California in June. Yet what is the headline at the "liberal" New York Times?