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Almost all of the Ebola orphans identified by the government are living with extended families or foster parents.
But it warned that more flare-ups could still happen.
Earnest added that officials need to remain vigilant in combatting the disease in Sierra Leone and Guinea, two neighboring
I've been the small boy feeling he must face the world on his own, and the teenager in a war-torn country fearing for his life and the lives of his family members. For as long as these situations persist in the world, I speak from experience and believe there will always be love and families that can help these children overcome trauma and reach their full potential.
In Ebola-stricken West Africa -- a region where a lack of resources makes spreading information more challenging -- UNICEF
The Ebola outbreak that wreaked havoc in west African countries over the past year is finally showing signs of receding. The
An explosion in infection in the capital Monrovia in August caused international alarm, which grew after a Liberian citizen
Progress in the fight against Ebola has been made. Cases seem to be falling in Liberia, and -- critically -- more medical staff and treatment beds are in place across all three affected countries. But some of the main reasons why Ebola continues to spread have yet to change.
A previous confirmed case of Ebola in the U.N. mission and another probable case resulted in the death of staff members on
Volesky said decision had nothing to do with a recent drop in the rate of increase in new Ebola cases. (Adds quotes, official