Enlightened libertarians recognize the role of the community in promoting and protecting individual liberties within it.
Are you motivated by fear, or hope, is the world a dangerous, zero-sum place with internal and external threats, or do people
All due respect, of course. None of the reporters showed any interest in Johnson by any name. Nor did they recognize him
"She deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the DNC, so I’m here to do that."
Less than a decade ago, an unregulated financial sector nearly blew up the world economy. Unregulated, let-it-rip free markets would make all of this worse.
Assuming the Democrats would split into a Clinton party and a Sanders party, and using the vote split at the Democratic National
Southerners are downright feisty about their independence. There's a great sign at a park on the Alabama-Tennessee border which proclaims "We Dare Defend Our Rights!" Yet this rebellious streak doesn't seem to translate to independent candidates or third party challengers, who tend to fare poorly in Dixie.
Yet another embarrassing Aleppo moment for the Libertarian presidential nominee.
* * * @@ How Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy * * There is, of course, much more news on the consequences and solutions
This election is showing us how the Republicans and Democrats continue to make sure they are the only choices for president as traditional media continues to decline to media on the web. The televised debate on Monday is an example of this.
I admit, I watch FOX News. But there is a reason why I'm watching FOX News: John Stossel; you might recognize the name. In
What Gary Johnson lacks in foreign policy experience, he makes up for in executive experience.
He said the Libertarian candidate inhabits another planet.
The Republicans and Democrats have made it impossible for me to vote for either of their candidates. Hillary Clinton is a