Jonathan Martin, who has taken aim at Jerry Falwell Jr., was escorted from campus for what the university called "public safety reasons."
Life was challenging for the United States, but the drive for discovery and self-reliance forged a strong and enduring identity
The First Jerusalem Leaders Summit, held during November 3-4, 2015 in Jerusalem was launched by the International Leaders
Government gridlock is a pejorative that careens around political circles to condemn the Constitution's separation of powers and checks and balances and the philosophical cornerstones of the American Revolution. Detractors of gridlock are traitors to our forefathers.
Asked why he didn't wait until after the election to resign, Rowland said he didn't want his departure from the GOP to be
Law enforcement personnel at all levels work for us. They are directly responsible to our elected and appointed GOVERNMENT
If paying taxes is an obligation of citizenship, a reciprocal government obligation is to simplify the tax code to enable
The tea party has enshrined a commitment to not compromise as central to its orthodoxy. Anyone who does not see the world
What the Hyde Amendment has wrought is inexplicably bad public policy. It's a policy that targets low-income women, limits their health rights and their constitutional rights, and either drives them into poverty or makes it increasingly difficult for them to overcome poverty.
Thursday February 23, 2011 is a date I will never forget. My roommate came home late that evening, and I immediately knew something wasn't right. Always quick to flash a boyish grin, his face instead bore a look of pure fear mixed with adrenaline on his face. He seemed to have aged a decade.