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The Liberty Counsel is calling on churches across the country to reopen in May and suggests maintaining social distancing between families.
When conservative Christians would rather see LGBTQ people lynched than their rights protected, we have a serious problem.
The Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver said he's worried that this means queer Americans could be granted more rights under federal law.
The anti-gay Kentucky clerk is back with a memoir, "Under God's Authority."
Mat Staver feels the tragedy has been incorrectly deemed an anti-gay issue.
People who do not fit traditional gender roles have always existed; they were just socially invisible. Women have always had as great a range of talents as men. Why should conservatives get away with sowing rancor just because they want to erase the diversity all around them?
Many Religious Right activists and leaders feign hurt and indignation at being described as anti-gay. They're not anti-anybody, they insist, they are just in favor of "traditional values" or "biblical marriage."
Autumn is a lovely time to visit the nation's capital. Here I look at contrasting visits by two prominent faith leaders.
Florida's Liberty Counsel "portrays gay people as perverse, diseased pedophiles."