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The political evangelical leader and Trump loyalist is facing multiple allegations about his stewardship of Liberty University.
Students protested in response to reports that Jerry Falwell, Jr. engaged in self-dealing and sent offensive emails about students as Liberty's president and chancellor.
The evangelical leader came under fire as photos undercut his denials.
Falwell, head of the nation’s most high-profile evangelical college, was among the earliest Christian conservatives to endorse Trump’s campaign.
Kevin Jonas Sr. hopes to be Liberty University's link between the Christian music industry and more mainstream pop music.
Liberty University president attacks an evangelical leader with a bizarre line of logic.
The vice president told Liberty University's Class of 2019 to "be ready" to face opposition and ridicule for holding “traditional Christian beliefs.”
John Gauger's connections to Michael Cohen are yet another example of the cozy relationship between Liberty University staff and President Donald Trump.
Evangelical Trump supporter said poor people don't provide jobs or charity.
“In real life, they look even more beautiful,” the first lady said at Liberty University.
The students were sponsored in part by Christian nonprofit women’s group, Concerned Women for America.
The theory that Trump was appointed by God is not that uncommon within evangelical circles.
Jonathan Martin, who has taken aim at Jerry Falwell Jr., was escorted from campus for what the university called "public safety reasons."
Liberty University grads are returning their diplomas after their university president Jerry Falwell Jr.’s continued support of Donald Trump.
The protest follows LU President Jerry Falwell Jr. praising Trump's remarks on the Charlottesville violence.
He also urged graduates not to become critics and spoke a little bit about football.
By: Niv Sultan "I think that American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid," said Rep. Jim Moran