The University of Chicago librarian defeated the gambler at his own game.
Whether it’s community organizing or battling untruth, they do far more than just shelve books.
She told me that although all that walking is great for my overall health and keeps me lean, I am -- ironically -- too lean
Administering CPR to a patron who had a coronary in the Reading Room. (He survived.) Chasing down and tackling the jerk who
Ten years, eight months. That's how long I've been an academic librarian. And, still, I love what I do.
Unless lawmakers can be made to understand the critical role these and other educational professionals play in contributing to schools in which we can all be confident and proud, then many of these positions will remain in jeopardy to the detriment of the students and communities they serve.
The truth is that we're living in an era where anyone, of any age, can view all the naked tushies they want, whenever they want, online.
"No matter what you're doing, if words aren't appearing on the page, you're not writing yet. Don't worry about people's reactions during the first draft. Just get it down."
Any job you take during college is a good one.That's because it shows employers you can balance school and work at the same time. The best college jobs, though, are the ones that help you land the career you want, right after you've graduated.