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Source: The Wall Street Journal Those running from are propelled by the blast, kicked in the heels by the shock. Covered
Fifty-three corpses of people fleeing violence and poverty were found on a single day last week.
About three-quarters of the migrants were women and there were at least five children.
COPENHAGEN - An increased E.U. naval presence off Libya, creating safer passage for migrants and refugees and combating smuggling of weapons and oil, could be a possible course of action. But a military intervention in Libya at this point is playing with fire.
"Europe is declaring war on smugglers" the EU's top migration official said last month. As the Mediterranean fills with boats and the bodies of migrants from Africa and the Arab world, it is inopportune language like this underlines how grave a situation we find ourselves in and how far away a humane solution seems.
After the deaths of 360 migrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013, the Italian Coast Guard launched a mission
France's Europe Minister Harlem Desir said the EU's Triton border protection operation, which replaced a more comprehensive
ROME, April 19 (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has asked fellow EU leaders to hold an emergency meeting on
"Racism and the belief that [Gaddafi] heavily recruited sub-Saharan mercenaries during the war have made dark-skinned Libyans
The accord was confirmed Wednesday by a cabinet meeting in Rome which set up an inter-ministerial contact group to monitor