The defense of fundamental humanitarian principles should be part of the national interest of any decent country. Fortunately for the Libyan rebels in this case decency prevailed. It is a risk worth taking.
Anyone who believes the actions we take in Libya are unrelated to the budget battle would probably believe that federal funding of National Public Radio caused our $1.3 trillion deficit. The facts just don't add up.
The option of once again sponsoring terror around the globe remains open to Gaddafi as long as he remains in control of some part of the country. If cornered, we expect his vindictive side to prevail.
Excluding the First Iraq War, the no-fly zone operation is almost a Security Council first since the Korean War sixty some years ago, a resolution which only succeeded at that time because the Russian Delegation inexplicably walked out and absented itself.
America's sidelined spectator status during a developing foreign policy crisis highlighted Obama's strategy to make the United States equal among many and not unique within the international community.
Do I have a vote? I'm against it. It's about time we figured out that "Middle East War" is not our best Jeopardy category. Remember the Iraq War? That was going to be easy too, wasn't it?
As Gaddafi continues to slaughter civilians, America is fast approaching its own moment of truth. Despite its antiseptic label, imposing a "no-fly" zone is an act of war, which can only be authorized by Congress, not the president.