libya violence

Once Libyans can agree on a united government, they're expected to ask for international help to remove ISIS from their country.
It was one of Libya's worst truck bombs in years.
Senior officers linkled to Haftar have also been given top posts in the recall. The decision shows the increasing influence
"We're securing the border. It's all fine here. 100 percent," said another fighter loyal to Dawn who gave his name as Haitham
His air defense commander, Sager al-Jouroushi, told Reuters on Saturday that his forces were responsible for the air strikes
The United States, whose embassy is near the contested airport, evacuated its embassy staff in Tripoli on Saturday, driving
"I ran. They opened fire at me but didn't hit me," he said. The violence, the deadliest in Tripoli since the 2011 revolt
Contemporary Libya is clearly a nation in the making, rather than just a conglomeration of tribes ready to be at each other's throat. Libyans, however, are still experiencing some conflicts.
Coupled with the rising anger against the United States in Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere, the Libyan events must make Americans wonder what is happening to the Arab Spring.
Apart from some very crude accounts of what sparked protests outside the consulate and the eventual assault on the building, it is not entirely clear what transpired in Benghazi. But the Libyan government's inability to curtail violence in the country is a central a concern.