libya violence

Once Libyans can agree on a united government, they're expected to ask for international help to remove ISIS from their country.
The decision shows the increasing influence of military figures in the official government and parliament, which has been
CRUDE PRODUCTION Fighting is already hitting crude production. Attempts to seize the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf petroleum terminals
In recent weeks Libya has seen the worst fighting since the NATO-backed campaign to oust Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Renegade
In Egypt, the army has proved to be the supreme political force but in the post-Gaddafi era the Libyan militias are fighting
Gunmen forced them out of their car and into another vehicle, Abu Hafess said, adding that he was able to flee by jumping
Contemporary Libya is clearly a nation in the making, rather than just a conglomeration of tribes ready to be at each other's throat. Libyans, however, are still experiencing some conflicts.
Coupled with the rising anger against the United States in Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere, the Libyan events must make Americans wonder what is happening to the Arab Spring.
Apart from some very crude accounts of what sparked protests outside the consulate and the eventual assault on the building, it is not entirely clear what transpired in Benghazi. But the Libyan government's inability to curtail violence in the country is a central a concern.
The campaign had initially planned to hold the statement until after midnight -- and the end of the eleventh anniversary
The guard said interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib was at a meeting elsewhere when the shooting happened. Many of the
The quarterly update on human rights in Libya, covering the period since an uprising began against Gaddafi's rule, noted
Gates spoke Saturday in an interview pre-taped for CBS News' "Face The Nation" to be aired Sunday. Gates said there were
Call it the Goldilocks military plan: Not too much, not too little, not too unilateral, not too American. The operation against
Though bad weather, panic and deteriorating security nearly thwarted foreign efforts to evacuate their citizens from strife
Pitts, the human-rights law lecturer, wasn't optimistic. "Conservative estimates show a level of brutality that is unparalleled