It took six years, but Nebraska horse massagers don’t need to be licensed anymore.
Sightseeing on vacation while zipping around on a moped is a lot of fun, but tourists need to think twice before renting one. They might unknowingly be driving a scooter, in violation of local law and uninsured.
Put an atom's weight of doubt in a customer's heart about your business and you've lost them. In fact, you can also face lawsuits and possibly bad press. Your customers are what keep your business running and you need to protect them in every way you can. You must invest into their safety and security.
According to a recent World Bank study, fisheries make up one quarter of Mauritania's natural wealth, but the waters off the country in north-western Africa are being overfished. Foreign operators pull out the lion's share of the catch - sometimes legally, sometimes not; suspicions of corruption abound.
Turns out those bad ID pictures are no accident.
Lawlessness at sea is a hot topic this summer, with the New York Times running an investigative series on the issue and the nascent Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) beginning to pick up steam. Two experts from Greenpeace connected the dots for me and explained why we should care.
I knew the day was going to be weird because I woke up fully rested and without my usual assortment of arthritic pains.
If you live in a developing economy and use a computer, then, likely as not, you also use cloud computing services at least some of the time -- although you might not understand those services to be "cloud computing."
I think we can all agree that we would like to see happier people and a lower divorce rate. What if every five years, you and your spouse could decide if you wanted to "re-up" or not?
"What is a deterrent to reckless cycling is enforcing the laws that already exist. Cycling the wrong way on a street or on
Steve Jobs himself referred to his deal with the labels as a "license" in his rare and open "Thoughts on Music" letter posted
The University of Colorado's dental school has for years allowed a dentist without an active state license to treat patients
This has to be one of the dumbest things I've heard in a long time. The UK has spent £4.4 billion ($6.6bn US) on a controversial