license plates

Two new bills hope to increase regulations and remove the plate that a lawmaker says has fed over $1 million "to an extremist hate group.”
The driver's alternative requests were "PETALOL" and "8SLUGTHG."
The Snoopy Plate was created in California following legislation in 2013. Proceeds from the sales go to the California Cultural and Historical Endowment to help museums make capital improvements to their facilities, which helps keep their doors open to the public.
The initial cost of a vanity plate in Hawaii is $25, plus $25 added to your registration fee every year. The Honolulu Department of Motor Vehicles doesn't keep a record of how many drivers have these chattels, but they are a huge source of revenue for state licensing agencies.
The Confederate flag is seen by some as a symbol of Southern pride without reference to race, and is seen by others as a symbol of racism. In fact, it is both. If we are serious about equality, however, no state should be permitted to display that flag.