lieutenant governor

Janice McGeachin spoke at a conference organized by prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes, whom she claims she doesn't know.
The Trumpification of the Republican Party continues, despite his attempt to overthrow democracy on Jan. 6 in a last-ditch attempt to remain in power.
Sanders also backed Jumaane Williams for lieutenant governor but didn't endorse Cynthia Nixon for governor.
The incoming lieutenant governor touted her outsider credentials on the campaign trail.
Desalination is expensive. It requires a lot of electricity. It takes up valuable coastal land. It may require costly environmental remediation in order to protect marine species. It cost energy and money to pump water up hill to end users.
The bold protest of Jefferson County, Colorado students to the actions of the conservative majority on the Jefferson County School Board in Colorado has already drawn national and international press.
Democracy for America, a progressive advocacy group founded by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D), broadened its political
Van de Putte will kick off the bus tour Sunday in the Alamo City and is set to wrap up April 7 in Austin after trekking an
“It’s just absolutely toxic, and it’s not smart business,” Van de Putte said. In a Thursday conversation with the Texas Tribune