life after kids

Date Ideas: Go play mini golf. Take a walk on the beach or go for a hike or walk in the park (depending on what's available
Yes, most of these cost money, but the money is honestly money well spent.
Silence. It seems like ages since your house was this quiet. For the past couple of months, which seem like a gazillion years, it has been a mad house. Literally.
I know now that until we encounter each new scenario with our kids, we really don't know how we will react, and that's okay
I am a stay-at-home mom so my days generally encompasses taking care of everyone else. Being a mom and taking care of my family is my absolute number one priority over anything. My children and Mr will always come first, no questions asked. BUT, I am more than that.
On your wedding day as you stand there making vows and commitments in front of family and friends, through no fault of your own, you really have no idea what marriage looks like, how it will feel, the ups and downs you will endure together, and how it will change as the years tick by.
We'll never miss Father's Day or Mother's Day or a birthday because we committed to a sporting event or other activity instead. Yet here we are.
JON: Thanks (chuckling). So what made you want to be a stay-at-home mom? ELENA: Hey, man, anytime you want. I think a lot
Before I was a mother, I was teaching English in Taipei, driving through Slovenia, taking sake bombs in Japan, sipping absinthe in Paris, dancing on bars in Austin and in bomb shelters in Jerusalem. I even swam with fish in Croatia. Sitting still has never been my thing.