life change

Stage 3 is when you're really ready for the transformation, says Tony Robbins.
We need change, and there are many very simple ways that you can bring positive change into your life now.
I took a risk many years ago when I accepted a job and moved from Philly to Manhattan without a place to live, which at the time was even more challenging than finding work. When the next opportunity presented itself, as unforeseen as it was, I embraced it.
Traveling is beneficial in a vast variety of ways. Some people find traveling relaxing and some people travel for the inspiration. As long as you feel fulfillment in traveling, there is no right or wrong reason to travel.
It is time for closure, because we humans are like that: we draw conclusions, add full stops, analyze facts, look back, and then make efforts to move on.
Keep this list close at hand and read it whenever you have a wobbly moment of fear or doubt. Stay strong, beautiful soul. You've got this.
Are you worried the best in life has already occurred? Wish you could get that zing back in you life when you felt like you were on top of the world? Life happens. Things get in the way. Instead of everything being new, everything feels like it's been around the block a few times.