life choices

Who we are is truly defined by the core values for which we are willing to battle. Those who enjoy the struggles of a gym
Fate alone has robbed me of more opportunities and experiences than I can count. Fate has kept me from pushing when something
"Facing your fear is far better than staying in an unhealthy relationship."
But, I am terrified as I’m writing these very lines.
We are not free to decide based on evidence. We are selective in the evidence we choose to use. We are, first of all, biased and use logic to support our bias. Scary.
Commitment to our values, faiths, and philosophies also take time, such as attending religious or political meetings. How much time we devote to these areas is often a matter of the strengths of our convictions.
Your life's path is determined (to a large extent) by many small decisions that you make, and perhaps a few big ones. If you don't pay attention, others may make those decisions for you. Don't let them.
You will, however, be able to tell who was raised with love and joy. Because they will be the ones with the confidence to
'You can be anything!" we cheer. But does this really help the young when they are already trying to decide on one thing out of a myriad of choices?
As you navigate along your path, open your eyes to the perfection of where you already are. Hopefully these mantras will help you to be even more alive and awake in the dream called life.
More and more now I see how most of our decisions are made from fear: the fear that we will miss an opportunity, fear of
The United States of America is in a time of critical change -- an election is upon us and the political world is an absolute circus. If we're going to talk about making America great again, let's start by discussing the need for a major overhaul when it comes to maternity leave.
In life we are given choices and from the moment we are born to the moment we die, the choices we make, make us who we are. And as I've said before I wouldn't change a thing.
So how do we reclaim the power of choice, specifically those choices that impact our overall health? Let's consider some of our daily "circumstances," and review the choices we have at our disposal to move ourselves from victim to hero.
Life can encourage or discourage us depending on the endless situations we encounter and the choices we make on a daily basis.
When I think about past friends who mocked my expectations over the years, I noticed a common thread between them, their lives remain stagnant. There's no growth because they don't push themselves or others around them, and they're not happy.
Ambivalence is a sense of confusion or uncertainty due to mixed feelings towards a given issue or issues. I would contend many times this uncertainty comes from having an overwhelming number of opportunities.
I am about to commit a sin of epic proportions. What I am about to say will certainly outcast me, and could very well land me in prison...or, at a minimum, on the black list of every child born between the years 2005 and 2012.
Don't ignore the red flags. Don't dismiss your gut instincts. Make every decision with the awareness that it will lead you to your next, for your decisions become your life.