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Why Don’t The Tips Work The Way You Want? We all want more love, joy and happiness in our lives. We all want to find a pathway
I believe, that students and young adults don't know what to do with their lives because schools, colleges and universities (with some exceptions) neither encourage them to have this inquiry nor do they provide enough opportunities and/or tools to facilitate it.
Although all it takes is a simple touch, fulfillment comes from something more sustained. Am I taking care of all of my needs and striving for my wants? If you take the time to think about your bases, it's more than a game of obligations. Your friends, family, your dreams are all critical to your calling.
Gazing at Polaris, I asked myself, "What's my North Star?" One answer came to me immediately, and another just seconds later. Immediately I felt better, calmer and more resolved.
When we know how to tune in to source guidance and follow it, we live in harmony with everything else that uses the same navigational system.
It is hard work to keep our hearts open when it feels it has been broken by the karate chop of a bad hand dealt. Yet here is the challenge of our generation: Can we dream, in spite of our present reality, of a greater and greater vision for our lives and never give up on pursuing happiness?
We all use different metaphors, of course -- they may shift back and forth in a single day. But we also have our core images, the metaphors that really stick, sometimes long after their due date expires.
Where are you struggling with lack of focus in your own life? How can you turn it around and look at it differently, realizing
From deeper matters of the soul to how to handle a toxic relationship, dietary concerns, parenting issues, health and well-being, sexuality and everything in between, spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra offers insightful, thought-provoking solutions to all of life's challenges.