life expectancy

Data shows there's almost a six-year difference in average life expectancy. Experts told HuffPost why.
Other contributors to the decline are longstanding problems: drug overdoses, heart disease, suicide and chronic liver disease.
The CDC said the decline was even starker among Hispanic and Black Americans.
Health experts say it shows the profound impact of COVID-19, not just on deaths directly due to infection but also from heart disease, cancer and other conditions.
A new study suggests that state disparities in life expectancy come down to the conservative-liberal divide.
The former Housing and Urban Development secretary was speaking Saturday at the Heartland Forum in Iowa.
This Japanese region has the highest proportion of people over 100 years old and they're ridiculously healthy.
The truth is our early ancestors didn’t all die at 30 — and medical science has given us less of a boost than you think.
Shootings are taking almost twice as much of a toll on the life expectancy of black Americans as on that of white Americans, a new study finds.