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The former Housing and Urban Development secretary was speaking Saturday at the Heartland Forum in Iowa.
This Japanese region has the highest proportion of people over 100 years old and they're ridiculously healthy.
The truth is our early ancestors didn’t all die at 30 — and medical science has given us less of a boost than you think.
U.S. life expectancy has lagged relative to other economically comparable countries.
Shootings are taking almost twice as much of a toll on the life expectancy of black Americans as on that of white Americans, a new study finds.
The life expectancy of Americans continues to drop, while drug overdose and suicide rates soar.
It's the longest-running decline in U.S. history since World War I, when a flu pandemic killed almost 700,000 people nationwide.
The finite capacity of normal human fetal cells to divide (on average about 50 times) suggested to Hayflick that aging is
But new research suggests that low social status can damage the immune system. Researchers at Duke University rearranged
Why is that? What are we to do now that the national scene looks increasingly bleak for matters of racial and income equality
“The results should be deeply disturbing to all persons in the country."
When you are 70 years old, you are bound to have some medical problems, so I am not sure why the media and the public is making a hoopla about the medical histories of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
The number of senior citizens living in the United States is expected to double in the next 25 years. The aging baby boom
Some years ago, a retail homegoods company created the catchy slogan "It ain't just paint" to tell the public that their stores sold much more than paint. The ad campaign apparently failed since the company went bankrupt.
Life expectancy across the globe has increased by five years since 2000, the fastest rise in lifespans since the 1960s, according