life expectancy

A new study suggests that state disparities in life expectancy come down to the conservative-liberal divide.
The former Housing and Urban Development secretary was speaking Saturday at the Heartland Forum in Iowa.
This Japanese region has the highest proportion of people over 100 years old and they're ridiculously healthy.
The truth is our early ancestors didn’t all die at 30 — and medical science has given us less of a boost than you think.
U.S. life expectancy has lagged relative to other economically comparable countries.
Shootings are taking almost twice as much of a toll on the life expectancy of black Americans as on that of white Americans, a new study finds.
The life expectancy of Americans continues to drop, while drug overdose and suicide rates soar.
It's the longest-running decline in U.S. history since World War I, when a flu pandemic killed almost 700,000 people nationwide.
A 2016 study at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine came up with a similar human lifespan limit of 115 years. The investigators
Melissa's children have just lost their health insurance again. Every few months, the state plan for children in poverty