life on other planets

In a recently resurfaced 1985 interview, the famed astronomer finds common ground between science and spirituality.
I am not aware of any evidence of life on other planets. I think there is, however, starting to be more and more evidence that the conditions to support life have existed and maybe do still exist, at locations other than Earth.
The researchers used computer simulations on various super-Earths to find out how long it would take oceans to form on them
Unless Earth is special beyond reason, you can confidently assume there are plenty of societies out there. That doesn't mean that they'll come to Earth (or, as many believe, already have). Interstellar travel, despite what you've seen at the local multiplex, is hard. But we could easily get in touch via radio signals or flashing laser lights.
Astronomers have known since the 1990s that the 3,275-mile-wide (5,270 kilometers) Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar
Earth’s atmosphere is heavy—it’s what keeps water from flying off into space. So astronomers looking for alien worlds that
So far, Kepler has looked at just a small slice of the Milky Way, discovering 3,538 potential worlds — 104 of them are in
Finding a water-rich asteroid near a white dwarf bolsters the long-shot idea that life might rise again around these dead
CORRECTION: A previous headline on this article attributed the identification of the object to NASA. As the story states
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These amazing aliens could only be the work of science fiction illustrator Frank R. Paul, a wild pulp magazine artist from
Despite their age, the fossils are in great shape. But Earth isn't the only planet on the scientists' radar. The research
By: Mike Wall Published: 11/07/2012 07:09 PM EST on "If I had to guess, I would say 50-50," Tuomi told
Finding life on Mars would be an amazing discovery, one that I truly hope we realize -- not to alleviate the mundane trappings of our existence, but more so to bring their lessons into sharper focus.
Two independent teams of researchers took the latter tack to confirm the 41 new alien planets. They delved deep into the
By sending space probes to the edge of the solar system, by collecting Moon rocks and comet dust, by landing probes on Mars to dig for soils and search for signs of life, we are in constant exchange with outer space.
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There's probably no intelligent life in the outer solar system. But it couldn't hurt to check. "Forthcoming facilities might
Do we really need to search the universe for other planets? Or maybe we're just being human, exploring the unknown, and most of all want to give them a better name, such as American Express Land.