life sentences

I strongly oppose capital punishment which Blanton and his evil co-conspirators so viciously inflicted. But I do support punishment which at least tries to proximate his heinous crime. This prisoner snuffed out four sacred child lives and escaped punishment for decades. He should die in prison for his inhumane atrocious crime.
The movie that struck me most this year was The Last Mile, a film that centers on the Internet - or to be precisely accurate ... an attention-grabbing total lack of it.
This was an unforgettable experience that reminded me of what philanthropy is all about - love of humanity, to care, to belong, to register one's presence regardless of one's life circumstance.
Recent studies have shown that adolescence -- which is defined as puberty up to the mid-20s -- is still a formative period
"Everyone should have a chance to do this," gushed my sister Katy Frissora, speaking about our week together at the recent Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in Greece. "See documentaries from all over the world and talk to the directors afterwards. It makes you think. Plus, the Greeks are so wonderful!"
According to a new report from The Sentencing Project, life sentences are on the rise, undeterred by the fact that crime is decreasing across the country, and despite efforts to reform the prison system.
Nelson-Sloane said she thinks the use of parole should be greatly expanded for older prisoners. "Once a guy hits 50, the
One cannot help but ask when looking at our criminal justice system: What exactly is our goal, anyway? Is it to deter crime? Is it to rehabilitate?