life stages

Insufficient legal protections and indifferent workplaces have caused many women to fall short of pediatric guidelines.
Proposed United States budget cuts could lead to 5 million more deaths from AIDS alone.
The baby formula industry spends more on marketing than governments do supporting nursing mothers.
You can continue to be physically active well into your golden years.
By Sarah Zhang In 2007, only after historian Alexandra Minna Stern had spent years researching eugenics in the American west
My biological birth year puts me squarely in middle age, yet even as I dutifully provide the relevant birth date, I feel a sense of disconnect -- of not legitimately feeling part of that age group. For me, it's not the stereotypical mid-life denial; something much more fundamental causes my "age citizenship" to be on shaky ground.
Drawing from his many year as a physician, meditator, mentor, husband and father, Doctor Dacher has assembled the essential
I took a risk many years ago when I accepted a job and moved from Philly to Manhattan without a place to live, which at the time was even more challenging than finding work. When the next opportunity presented itself, as unforeseen as it was, I embraced it.
As my children enter their new stage of life and prepare to leave home, I enter a new stage, too. One where I can more completely focus on growing my business, spending more time with my husband and expanding my online show. And that is an exciting and scary thing.
Yes, our handbags speak to all our life stages.
Normal is a subjective word, and I find that I am constantly adjusting to the "new normal." At midlife, I am rediscovering some pretty simple truths: what is normal differs with each stage of life.
Lately, I have been carrying a small cross-body bag inside my cavernous tote bag. 'Why two purses?' my stalwart husband asked when he caught me doubling up. 'You're not becoming a bag lady on me, are you?' No, I'm not becoming a bag lady. But I am transitioning.
16. Is it time to go to bed yet? 17. Are waffles a legitimate dinner item? 4. I didn't even notice that fleck of parsley
"These findings support the idea that life satisfaction is interlinked with many measures of sleep and sleep quality, suggesting
Every time I both celebrate and mourn my 8-year-old's passing from one stage and entry into another, I thank my lucky stars that I have another daughter, Cybele, almost seven years her junior.