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She decided to heal and repair her body. Her determination and hard work and faith paid off. She can go about the business
Why was it on this family vacation, swimming in that pool, a nine year old went into sudden cardiac arrest? What caused it? Could it have been prevented? Could the near drowning been avoided?
A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is similar to a healthcare proxy in that it names a person to make medical decisions for
The daughter of “Hustler” founder Larry Flynt is on life support after drunkenly driving into a semi-trailer in Dayton, Ohio on last Friday.
I've helped thousands of people with end-of-life decisions and I can tell you that the process is beyond stressful. It's extremely confusing and it's racked with guilt. As we mourn the death of Joan Rivers, here is what we can learn from her daughter's brave decision.
A bill moved to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's (R) desk on Monday that requires hospitals to keep brain-dead pregnant women on life support to protect the fetus, even if the woman's family members object.
More Information, More Quandaries Why does this new research pose ethical quandaries? Aside from the acknowledgment by a
Hawaii just experienced a second dental tragedy in three months — this time involving a young mother.
On November 26, Erick Muñoz found his 14-weeks pregnant wife, Marlise, unconscious, the possible result of a blood clot. When
Although this case was resolved satisfactorily -- probably not soon enough for the distraught family -- a question remains about the ethics of the Texas law.
Marlise Munoz, a 33-year-old Texas woman, was left brain-dead after she collapsed in November and her family planned to honor
Hospitals know that for some children a miracle is not a viable prospect, so let's not use that word for any patient.
A fundraising page, Fundley For Finley, has been set up to help pay for Finley's medical care expenses. The page notes that
The McMath family won a small victory on Dec. 30, after Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo ruled that Children's
According to an article in the American Thoracic Society Journal from 2002, end-of-life critical care (i.e. trying to extend
These stories (I'm sure there are others) make vivid the embarrassments and fears of patients; their efforts to deal with deterioration, endure pain, and cope with unhinging and detachment. The reader, the viewer, and the re-reader can take cues from caregivers who ease the way to acceptance.
Have we done what we need to do to protect the people closest to us who will be left behind? Are our spouses, our children, or are partners prepared to make important decisions on our behalf, and have we given them clear instructions for doing so? I
It used to seem futile to me to keep someone alive when they couldn't respond and had no hope of recovery. But that someone had never been my mother.
Krieger reports that feeding tubes can help some patients initially, but they can also keep them alive long past the time that they would have died.