"It’s really one of the funniest things I’ve seen in the Olympic Games so far."
As we focus on child safety tips this summer, one of the most dangerous incidents happens in the water. Originator of the Distress vs. Drowning person classification, Dr. Francesco Pia talks us through water safety tips.
The ocean failed to get me a second time, but I still love the ocean and go there as much as I can. Just that now I keep a keen eye out for those odd wave patterns or the strange discoloration of the water. I also keep an ear out for the voice that whispers just above the mist, "Welcome back -- again."
I know it's your "job" but it's also your worse fear. No one can ever have enough training to prepare you for what this moment will actually feel like, but because of you, this little boy is home playing with his family today.
Nationally 3,707 black and Latino youth under the age of 18 died from drowning, including 121 deaths in New York. Eighty percent of the victims were male.
"I've always said I wanted to thank him, and I should do it," Rothstein told NBC. View more videos at:
The firing of lifeguard Lopez, who violated corporate policy by leaving his area to save a drowning swimmer up the beach, points to a central difference between a private corporation and public run and operated services.
This weekend, the last of the lifeguards still on duty at two of Long Island's largest public beaches -- Jones Beach and
LONG BEACH, NY--A 61-year-old Long Island man says he lost his job as a lifeguard at Jones Beach when he refused to wear
Newport Beach’s lifeguards can also retire at 50 with 90 percent of their salary with 30 years of service, according to state
The robot is a four-foot-long buoy that is controlled by a remote control, allowing human lifeguards to reach conscious swimmers
Three hundred dogs have become certified to save drowning swimmers across the beaches and lakes of Italy, The Guardian reports