Life's Too Short

And then the age of the Internet dawned and spawned new, yet less personal forms of keeping in touch. Now, we communicate with greater frequency than I had actually anticipated. And for this I am so grateful. But I want and need some quality time.
First the bad news... I don't think I'm going to do a fourth series of The Ricky Gervais Show. 39 episodes is more than I've ever done for any other project (Yes. I know that's pathetic but trust me.) and I don't want to push my luck.
Gervais asserts that he plays a character on stage, ironically presenting himself as better or more knowledgeable than the people in the seats. But it's a bit harder to laugh along with the school bully than it is with the class clown.
And then the penny dropped. They hadn't hung up on Carell. He was still there and had heard the whole exchange. Ooops! As
Eventually, the director acquiesced to her outrageous demands and Davis was replaced by a trash can with a face painted on
Job done, Depp decided to make a suitably dramatic, diva-ish exit, but finding no puppies to kick he was reduced to knocking
"High Spirits" aside, Liam Neeson is not exactly noted for his forays into the world of comedy, but on the "Life's Too Short
Actor Warwick Davis has stepped out of the sci-fi spotlight and into the documentary realm and is getting comfortable in
This unfunny program goes a long way toward proving that the smug, smirking Gervais has turned into The Office's David Brent.
"Fame" used to be fused with "respect" in some ways. That's what distinguished it from infamy. But not anymore.