What are the real reasons that make employers find a candidate attractive? Are applicants appealing because of the skills they bring to the position? Are they especially desirable as a result of the companies where they've worked, their educational background or the status of their job title?
It seems like a silly notion, but we've seen it happen ... people move to some exotic location, like Ecuador or Panama, with perfect weather and interesting culture and, within a few months, find themselves at loose ends.
It turns out that when it comes to retirement planning, baby boomers may be in worse shape than we thought. A survey from TD Ameritrade shows that a whopping 20 percent of millennials are supporting their parents, including baby boomer parents.
The healthiest cities for retirement living are in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and Minnesota, according to a new list that relegates all but one Sunbelt city below the top 20.
It looks like our longing for restorative tropical vacations has a point -- if you're 55 or older, for the highest level of well-being in the United States you should head straight to the Hawaiian Islands. And stay there.
There is much we 'northerners can learn from Latinos and their culture, similar to ours in many ways and very different in others. If you intend to retire overseas, these are some things you may want to know in advance. Latinos live life with gusto.
Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to figuring out the next chapter?