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Lifetime, Sony Pictures Television And Vulture Host Screening Of James Franco's Revamped Version Of "Mother May I Sleep With
Ann Rule left us yesterday.The legendary chronicler of American crime passed away at 84 and we lost the very best. For those of us that make movies-for-television and mini-series, Ann was the True Crime Gold Standard. Everything else; everyone else would always be compared to her.
The world continues to be stunned and confused by the announcement that Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell are starring in A Deadly Adoption, a Lifetime movie premiering this weekend.
Hot on the heels of Lifetime's "The Unauthorized 'Full House' Story" comes "The Unauthorized 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Story
Zendaya Coleman is talented and a hard worker - should she be denied what could very well be the role of a lifetime just because (though she is in fact Black) some view her as "not Black enough"?
The cat that launched a thousand Internet memes is getting her own Lifetime original movie. The film will follow a pet store
Physically, my body had the markings of a woman who had just gone through a pregnancy and delivery. These postpartum symptoms were both a cruel joke and treasured testament.
Second, and perhaps more importantly, the result in Porco suggests that people can't stop the airing of movies and television
After two decades in this business she knows what she wants. My family is the most important thing in my life. But of course
Mara's breakout role as the aggressively ambitious (if a bit naive) reporter Zoe Barnes on "House of Cards" was brought to