"Be angry" I told my daughter when she was sad because of what someone had said or done in school. Many girls learn that
The worship of the Sun (Sol) [necessary for growing crops] was indigenous to the Romans, since the 8th century BC. The upper
Traditionally, the evergreen wreath symbolizes eternity, an unending circle of life with no beginning or end, but for many
This was the key question our study asked.  But before we could even ask this question we had to answer another question
We’ve all heard about the Paleo diet. Essentially, it is based on eating only the types of foods assumed to have been eaten
I'm pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of her ears! If I remember correctly, our conversation went something like this: It's
This is both good news and bad. It costs nothing to address most of these things and requires no doctor, therapist or trainer. But natural behaviors like moving or going outdoors do not come naturally to a culture conditioned to medicate its way to health.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
What the world has failed to understand, is that lights not allowed to shine are like birds not allowed to fly, dreams that are forced to die, love that never sees the light of day.
How many of you have lost your interest in the night sky because you think there is too much light pollution where you live?
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Darkness is air that is cool and free and fresh - tucked, sealed, licked, sent in an envelope; bent, gone from hope; lent
The breakthrough was made during an investigation into the angular momentum of light, which is what happens when something
As I let some of these things go, as I move forward into a next chapter without him walking next to me, I know without a shadow of a doubt that what matters the most is that I am carrying his heart within my own.