Let's clear up some rumors about bacteria and blue light.
It will be painful. Scary as hell, but I refuse to let it fill me with fear. I don't intend to feed the trolls what they
Please send your comments to and follow me on Twitter @JoyDryerPhD PEACE? The mountains behind my house
The supplies were abundant, many harvested from the Cemetery's extensive plants and gardens. Milkweed pods, dried field flowers
This was the key question our study asked.  But before we could even ask this question we had to answer another question
We’ve all heard about the Paleo diet. Essentially, it is based on eating only the types of foods assumed to have been eaten
You take care of her today and when your shift is over, write a paper on the challenges this patient faces and the role of
Since the truth is we do not have to share a single moment with the memory of anything that we don't want to, this means
This powerful, positive action will change your life. As you begin to refuse to consort with what is dark, you'll find that