light rail

If light rail makes it possible for Virginia Wesleyan students, faculty and staff to get around the area more easily, that's
"I am riding the train to Santa Monica!" I nearly shouted as we pulled into Bergamot Station. Of course Expo to the beach
Would-be workers are not connecting to training; job efficiency is compromised because of lateness, missed work days, and transportation related-distractions due to unreliable, unaffordable and unsafe public transit.
I find I'm much more relaxed when I get where I'm going and can get work accomplished on the way, if there's work to be done. If not, there's always someone to talk to or the passing scenery, if it's not always pretty, is at least interesting.
Oh yay, we are growing. Everybody is excited. Texas supposedly gets upwards of 1,300 to 1,500 new people a day and Austin reportedly acquires 150 of those. There are a million reasons this growth nonsense scares me for Texas.
The light rail that opened in Phoenix in 2008, for example, travels 20 miles to connect the city to nearby Tempe and Mesa
Taxes on baby diapers and water heaters should not subsidize roads and rails. Gas taxes are a nearly perfect user fee. But our state gas tax has lost a lot of its punch over the years.
"I mean, a year ago, literally, this thing was dead," said Cullen. "But amongst the leadership and those that are stakeholders
Man with samurai sword breaks up subway fight
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be in Detroit today to discuss progress on bringing a light-rail line to Woodward