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One could also argue that's what's happening in Lubbock, where Brennen Teel's 2012 death was blamed on lightning and the
Have you had a lightning bolt moment in your life? Did you decide to shift your perspective? Let me know about your experience and your journey so far.
Citing studies from the American Association of University Women, the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, and Psychology
Sean O'Connor is one lucky man. The Atlanta-area resident was wearing steel-toed shoes and working in his yard Saturday when he was struck by a bolt of lightning. The lightning strike sent O'Connor flying -- right out of his boots, WSB-TV reports.
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"When I noticed my shoes were on the other side of the driveway and I heard the thunder, I realized it was lightning that
Mother Nature wanted to bid adieu to 2013 with her own fireworks. On Hawaii's Big Island on Sunday, the Canada-France-Hawaii
“It gives you an indication that there must have been lots of rain that the planes were flying through and an environment
The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life -- and your well-being -- off course. GPS
(Hat tip, Hypervocal) Filmed from some distance away, the footage leading up to the moment of impact also illustrates the
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The 20-year-old Colombian has been struck by lightning four times since September. So to "cure" his electrical attraction
AFP photographer Filippo Monteforte caught the amazing photograph on Monday evening during a storm. "It was icy cold and
Some 39 people nationwide die from lightning strikes each year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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Lightning is supposed to never strike twice, but Roy Sullivan defied all odds after being hit by lightning on seven different
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Keli Dougherty of Ridgewood, N.J. had her camera ready at just the right time on Thursday night. Read more on Verona-Cedar
These statistics on deaths caused by lightning just might shock you -- particularly if you're a male. Men are more likely