"I'm down to eating once a day," she said. HuffPost interviewed Webster as part of this week's "So, That Happened" podcast
Despite popular arguments, LIHEAP is not an entitlement program. Unlike entitlement programs, LIHEAP is for families who just need a hand-up.
The state moves have been controversial with federal lawmakers, who have suggested they might intervene to protect the savings
We all love a good bargain, no matter what our age. But if you're a senior citizen on a fixed income, finding discounted goods and services can mean the difference between making ends meet and going without.
"Congress was clear in the farm bill that the reductions in SNAP benefits take effect not later than 30 days after enactment
Large sections of the United States are being frozen by the grip of winter, with a weather system known as a polar vortex bringing subzero temperatures and blizzard conditions across the Midwest.
Large sections of the United States are being frozen by the grip of winter, with a weather system known as a polar vortex
Sequestration's budget cuts mean thousands of families will be left in the cold this winter. Congress cut funding for the
With each cut, our country pushes more Americans down the food cliff. How long until we stop noticing the fall? This Thanksgiving, as many of us sit at our tables for an annual feast, more of our fellow Americans will have less to eat.
Republicans never knew what their districts had gotten from the federal government. Until it was gone. Until after they'd paved it over with the sequester. Now they're stalled in an economically barren parking lot of their own creation.
There are literally thousands of federal, state and private assistance programs designed to help seniors and others cover their basic needs. Your challenge might be finding ones for which you're eligible. Here are a few suggestions.
"DTE supports the notion of energy assistance. It's a necessary thing," he said. "Without the funds, there isn't going to
WASHINGTON -- Former Gov. Mitt Romney spent much of the middle of Wednesday's night GOP debate criticizing former Sen. Rick
"We are seeing more people than ever with no resources to heat their homes," Rick McCarthy, a consultant to the Maine Community
"There are rules and laws against shutting power off for people at certain times of the year because of the weather," he
Imagine how cold it has to be and how long it has to be that cold for a ten-mile by sixty-mile lake to stay frozen until the middle of April. And now imagine being a member of Congress deciding priorities for the world's wealthiest nation.
No wonder so many people caught in this situation have trouble paying their bills. If you are primary caregiver for parents or are supporting them financially, here are a few ideas that may help you keep your own finances on track.
That said, his answer was notably different from the explanation President Obama gave when pressed on LIHEAP fund cuts in
The corporate media have been very lax in describing the devastating and unprecedented pain that the Republican House passed budget bill would bring. Let me briefly mention just a very few of their cuts.
"There's a lot of people more hurting than us, but that program is one of the really helpful programs. California's not a