His voice is gravelly. His suits are rumpled. And the Ohio Democrat *really* needs to smile more.
The thing is, I'm not alone. Her supporters might not be the loudest voices online, but we are paying attention and we care deeply about this election. We are far more passionate than the media would have you believe. We want this qualified woman to win and to win HUGE.
Americans and Germans may want different things in their leaders. One person quoted in the TIME story said Germans "find
Some people are naturally confident and self-assured. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them -- and possibly neither are you. We want people to genuinely like us... but we want them to like the real us. Here are seven ways to be who you are -- and to be extraordinarily likable.
Have you noticed lately how our culture all but worships likability? Often at the expense of higher values. If we're not careful, we can spend so much time making ourselves likable, we forget to ask if we like who we're becoming.
Over the years I've ended up hiring and training a lot of people in their first jobs as a manager, and I always tell them they have two responsibilities.
Should CEOs be nice? Should their people like them -- not just respect them, trust their skill, or follow their leadership -- but actually like them?
Imagine there was an entire country comprised only of clones of you. Try to envision -- in as much detail as possible -- what it would be like. Now imagine you had to create a Wikipedia page about this country. What would be its biggest strengths? What would be its greatest weaknesses?
Who would you rather have a beer with -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Don't answer that.
If he is going to prevail on November 6th, Romney has to accomplish two tasks. He has to tell voters what he would do differently than Obama to create meaningful jobs. And, he has to make voters like him.
Recent approaches are allowing us to dig deeper into person perception and pinpoint the factors that influence popularity at first sight.
Voters are not driven primarily by age or experience. They also will not be driven primarily by issues or political party. What human beings crave is to be inspired, uplifted and moved.